The Brief Journey to PR from the Gal that Only Wears Black in the Office

November 07, 2017

“Don’t be silly darling, everyone wants to be us.” – Devil Wears Prada



I’ve been a journalist since I was four.

I loved interviewing anyone and everyone, filter or not. I would go up to women with cigarettes asking, “Why do you want to die?” and questioning men that were a little overweight, “When are you due?”

While the interviewees weren’t thrilled, my parents weren’t worried as they thought it was just a phase. Twenty years later and I guess I’m still in that phase!

On my first day of Kindergarten, my sister walked me in to the library.

We had to arrive an hour early, as she was an anchor for WWOA (Wilder Wildcats on Air), a daily newscast for the elementary school.

I was so distraught of the fact that I had to be separated for an entire hour, that the team decided I could join the show. I was the first Kindergartner to be on the show, and serve as the “Jumping Jacks” girl. I would make the school stand and do 15 jumping jacks at their desks each morning. That was the day I fell in love with journalism.

When I came home from school that day, I lined up my stuffed animals, brought out my puppy hairbrush and began interviewing. The rest was history.

Four-year olds can have huge imaginations. But for those who are lucky, like myself, they never let their imaginative minds fade.

I chose the PR field because I love to talk, I love to interview, I love working with the media, I love being the face, and most importantly, I get to use my huge imagination every day.

My first day as a fashion PR intern in New York City was nerve-wrecking. I had just moved to the city the day before, and here I was stepping into the one of the toughest, hardworking agencies in New York. I didn’t even know what area I was in!

I stepped into the office on September 9, 2015, and everyone was wearing black. I immediately felt at home. I called my mom later to tell her the good news.

“Mom, I fit in! They wear black clothing like me! AND I work with clothes all day, it’s basically like I’m shopping.!” Five months later I realized they were dressed in all black because it was fashion week and when you staff, you wear black. Oops!

Not only was working in New York tough mentally and physically, but working in Fashion PR added an extra layer. I wouldn’t change anything about my first job and the path I have taken to get to here at MMG.

While I have had a lot of late nights, missed meals, and gut-wrenching tears during my career, I have also had a lot of laughs, proud placements/events, peeping tom moments in Kendall Jenner pictures, and been taught many valuable life and work lessons.

At a time when I was worn down the most, my wise boss told me, “You can’t get through this career without a hand to hold.”

You need a hand to ask questions and learn from. You need a hand for input on your pitches and strategies. You need a hand to encourage you when your confidence is low. You need a hand to not tell you what you did wrong, but how the mistake should have been avoided. You need a hand to congratulate you for great work. You need a hand for you to mentor and learn from your mistakes and guidance.

With that, I’m lending out my hand for those that need to hold. For my clients, my team, and the journalism community—current and future.

I’ve compiled my 10 most memorable moments in my journey to PR. While it’s only been 3 years, PR has a way of making you feel like it’s been a lifetime. Can’t wait for more memories to come in the city that grinds, flows, and hustles (My boyfriend works for the Grizzlies, I’ve been brainwashed).


1. Jumping Jacks Girl on WWOA


2. Graduating From Media School

3. My First Media Placement

4. Staffing an Event While Sending an Email to Your Boss Through Your Phone = Autocorrect Fail. Call me Bagels!

5. Sharing the Spotlight with Kendall Jenner During New York Fashion Week 2016

6. Running New York Fashion Week Shows from Start to Finish


7. Launching a New Kids’ Brand

8. My Second Day and Warm Welcome at MMG! (My Birthday)


9. Lunches with the MMG Team


10. Securing My Grandfather and Late-Grandmother in a National Publication

11. Organizing and Leading My First Community-wide Initiative, Kosten Foundation Purple Day for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

12. Working with a Driven, Award-Winning Team Each and Every Day

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