How to Craft a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign

October 05, 2017


It’s the morning after Thanksgiving. You’re so full from turkey and ham (and stuffing, cranberry sauce, mac ‘n cheese) that you can barely breathe, but you’re about to get hundreds of holiday shoppers lined up outside of your door, checklists in hand.

Yep, you guessed it: It’s Black Friday.

As they are about to pile in, you remember that Cyber Monday is in two days. How will you continue the upward trend of targeting holiday shoppers?

Here are a few tips to build out a Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign so you’re prepared and ready to drive sales.


First, Pick Your Specials and Promotions

As attention spans continually grow shorter, your messaging matters. You want to create a message that ultimately pushes and shoves all of the other specials and promotions out of the way.

To start, pick your highest-selling or most-talked-about items to promote. Then think: what sets this item apart from all the others? Is it the way it operates? The way it looks? A special feature added to it? Once you have this value proposition take it and RUN (or walk if you hate running like me).

If your item has a special appearance, take some stunning beauty shots for the background for your message. If your product completes a task, take a video of your product in motion to give customers an insight on what they are about to use their holiday budget for.

Now, give that product a 15% or 20% discount to really peak customer’s interest. I laugh at 5% off discounts. Like, what’s that going to save me?

Act as if you are the customer buying a product. What specials or promotions have piqued your interest enough to get you to open your wallet?

If you’re not a fan of giving discounts, give an added value. Tell your customers you’ll also give them a FREE product with the purchase of your special product. This free product could be a t-shirt, branded items, or monthly subscription to a service.


Then, Get Your Message Out There

You’ve got your special product to promote, you’ve got your discount or added value, and you’ve got some great art and video to go with. Now what?

Spread your message like I spread cream cheese on bagels (which is a lot).

Here are a few ways to get your message out there:

  • Press release: Write a quick press release describing your product and it’s promotion and send it out to all the newspapers, media, and bloggers and hope they add it into a holiday gift guide. You can use Meltwater to build a contact list.
  • AdRoll: Create a digital ad and plug it into AdRoll. Your message will spread through Facebook, Twitter, and Google for a ton of impressions and clicks. Be sure your messaging mentions your discount with a call to action.
  • Facebook Ads: Target specific ages, genders, and interests that pertain to your special product so you communicate with the exact people you want on the largest social network in the world. Start with $50 an ad for a week to see what kind of results you get. Based on the data, you can increase your budget to reach more people.
  • Email Marketing: I’ll  admit: I’m obsessed with MailChimp, the user-friendly email service. Once you build a list of contacts, you can use MailChimp to send beautiful and simple emails that highlight your message. To get people to sign up to your mailing list, post your sign up form on your website and all social media. You can even give people an incentive to sign up by giving them a special discount code to use on their purchases.
  • In-Store Collateral: Deck your halls with marketing posters starting on November 1. Make the posters with bold and bright colors to get eyes on your message.

More Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion Ideas

Now, let’s get into a few Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials and promotions you could run. Feel free to use any of them below!

  • Spend $100, get a bounce back coupon for $10 off your next purchase within a certain time frame.
  • Ask customers to send you pictures of their children’s Santa wish lists along with a special hashtag, and offer a discount or added value to the 5 best lists.
  • Giveaway a free gift card for the first 100 shoppers in-store or online.
  • Donate 10% of your sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to a charity of your choice.
  • Offer a coupon for a free lunch at a local partner restaurant if you spend $50 or more.
  • If you sale both in-store and online, hand out coupons to in-person customers with a discount code for your online store.

At the end of the day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only two days out of 365, but shoppers eagerly await these days as they cross of their holiday shopping lists. Be prepared and make your discounts audacious, and watch the sales start to roll in.

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