Exceptional Foundation of West Tennessee is Now THRIVE MEMPHIS

August 19, 2019

Memphis-based nonprofit provides a special place where those with special needs thrive

MEMPHIS, Tenn., August 19, 2019 – The Exceptional Foundation of West Tennessee recently announced they have changed their name to Thrive Memphis to better reflect their mission, vision, values, and services. Thrive Memphis is a Memphis-based non-profit that enriches the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by meeting their social, recreational and continued educational needs providing an outlet and a foundation in which they may thrive on a daily basis.

“We are extremely excited about our new name as we believe it better represents who we are, whom we serve, and what we do,” said Jo Anne Fusco, Executive Director for Thrive Memphis. “This new name portrays a positive, uplifting message about our services and resources – letting everyone know that we offer individuals with special needs a fun, safe environment in which they can thrive.”

Thrive Memphis offers holistic programming in a safe, welcoming community for individuals with a variety of disabilities including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Williams Syndrome, Prader-Willi, Rubenstein Taybi, and more who meet the organization’s participation criteria.

Thrive Memphis worked with Morris Marketing Group over the past 90 days to research, review, and develop the new name and logo.

“After gathering all of the data, we understood that this group was full of life, love, and acceptance and provides such a great service to special needs individuals in the area. We believe the new name, Thrive Memphis, fits the organization and participants well while the bright, blooming, embracing heart logo offers great iconic visual support for the name and organization as a whole,” said Valerie Morris, President, Morris Marketing Group. “We can’t thank Jo Anne and the team enough for allowing us to help with this project. We have enjoyed every minute of it and have learned so much from them.”

LOGOS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fxwxf4a27ndxp8o/AAAkvYgABtduqt61ilGcHaila?dl=0


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Thrive Memphis can be found online at:





About Thrive Memphis:

Founded in 2006 by a small group of individuals who sought to build a new program in Memphis to serve the mentally challenged population, Thrive Memphis originated as The Exceptional Foundation of West Tennessee. Renamed in 2019, Thrive Memphis respects those with intellectual disabilities and recognizes their individual worth, strengths, and capabilities. Thrive Memphis works to earn the trust of its participants and their families and by creating an environment that allows family members to experience a comfortable respite. They provide opportunities for participants to thrive while having fun and making friends and believe the community and their participants benefit mutually through knowledge, awareness, and interaction. Thrive Memphis is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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