Memphis-based Artist Nathan Alan Yoakum Designs Cover for Marty Ray Project’s New Album, ‘Mixed Emotions’

January 10, 2018

MEMPHIS, TENN., January 10, 2018 – Nathan Alan Yoakum, Memphis-based artist and owner of Nathan Alan Yoakum Art (NAYA), recently designed the cover for “Mixed Emotions,” the latest album by Memphis alternative/indie band Marty Ray Project. Highlighting Nathan’s signature pop art style, the cover displays four images of bandleader Marty Ray in various colors, with each image revealing a different emotional aspect of the long-bearded musician.

“Nathan and I have been friends for a while. I’ve always been a fan of his art,” said Marty Ray, musician of Marty Ray Project. “I love the way he takes two mediums and combines them together. So I knew with him and I collaborating on an album cover, it would come out special. And it did.”

Nathan grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where many music genres originated, grew, or settled. His art has been influenced by this connection to music. He attributes his artistic conscience to a childhood fervor for the arts and his need to explore and create. His love for sculpture and painting has prevailed. Blurring the boundaries of dimensional interpretation, his work attests to his early influences and his studies of the works of impressionist, surrealist and most important, abstract expressionist artists.

“As independent artists, we work together to help inspire other generations to be painters, musicians, poets, and collectors,” said Nathan Alan Yoakum, Memphis-based artist and owner of NAYA. “Music plays an important role in my artwork. I am humbled to have collaborated with Marty Ray, an inspiring musician and artist who, like myself, thinks outside of the box creatively.”

Nathan studied under Memphis-based artist Jay Etkin, who was mentored by the famous American painter Philip Pearlstein. Known for his modernist realism style, Pearlstin worked with Andy Warhol whom Yoakum says influenced his signature abrstact pop art style. Yoakum notes that while his work is inspired by Warhol, their technique and style is different.

“My abstract expressionism style is kind of painterly pop.” said Yoakum.  “I’m not trying to get a perfect image. Even in the way I develop my screens, Andy Warhol had a company do all his screens for him. I go from the computer, to the Mylar, to the dark room, and when I’m doing my screen, I don’t even try to get a perfect coated screen. I like the brokenness of it.”


“Mixed Emotions” by Marty Ray Project, Album Cover:

About NAYA 

NAYA, Nathan Alan Yoakum Art, is a Memphis-based fine artist with an emphasis in abstract expressionism, pop art, and resin sculpture. Vibrancy and rhythm is ingrained in his artistic conscience as he works to generate an experience with his art.

His dimensional developments of resin distills a range of emotion, music and attitude. The application of this medium arose during the reflective task of maint­­­aining his many surfboards and their eventual demise from working waves along the Florida coast. He has developed a technique of forming resin sheets of various dimension and infusing them with a variety of media that brings depth and spirit to his work. He is able to mount, pour, drip and assemble a composition that is meaningful to the artist and his desire to connect the casual observer to the deeper meaning of the piece at hand.

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