City of Memphis Benefits Enrollment Campaign


The City of Memphis, the 24th largest municipal authority in the US, with more than 6,000 employees, contracted Morris Marketing Group (via HRO Partners) to develop and implement a marketing and information campaign for the rollout of its new employee benefits program.

Since the new benefits program was a dramatic change from historical programs and included new options not previously available to employees, an aggressive campaign was needed to not only share the information about the new program, but also help employees determine which program would be best for them and their dependents and guide them through the enrollment process. The goal was to successfully convince employees to switch plans from the more expensive, Premier Plan, to the new, less expensive, Local Plus plan. The savings would not only benefit the employees, but also save money for the City.


6,500 City of Memphis Employees Enrolled
28% Converted to Preferred Health Plan
95% Reported Enrollment Satisfaction


A robust strategy was defined to specifically highlight the benefits of each new plan option and how plans could be personalized based on individual circumstances and needs.

The plan was to create a variety of communication materials that would appeal to the broad audience, but also convey the specific details of each plan so that employees could gain a better understanding of the different options that were available to them, while also conveying the need to seek out answers and complete enrollment by specific deadline dates.

The specific measurable objectives were:

  • Design and create separate postcards announcing benefits information sessions to be mailed to all employees and retirees
  • Design and create separate booklets of all benefits for employees and retirees
  • Design and create separate cards outlining the key elements of the new program to be mailed out to all current employees and retirees
  • Design and create a flyer of FAQs for call center employees to use as a reference when fielding calls from employees
  • Design and write a content presentation for employee information sessions
  • Design, write and record voiceover narration for online informational presentations to be uploaded to the COM website.
  • Successfully enroll 6,500 employees in 30 days
  • Successfully convert 25% of employees to the preferred plan
  • 90% or better satisfaction rate with enrollment communication and implementation


Key tactics consisted of direct, clear, and concise communications materials facilitated through direct communication with program partners within the City of Memphis administration and indirect communication with end-user employees via the various communications materials.

Results Within 30 Days

6,500 City of Memphis employees successfully enrolled within the 30-day time frame

28% of employees converted to the preferred health benefits plan

95% reported enrollment satisfaction

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