Morris Marketing Group Brings Visha Skin Care to Market


Purvisha Patel, MD, a Memphis-area board-certified dermatologist created multiple lines of skin care products under the brand name, Visha Skin Care. Dr. Patel was seeing modest sales of Visha Skin Care to her current customers through her two Memphis-area dermatology practices and wished to increase her market share with the hopes of retailing Visha Skin Care at the national level.

Visha Skin Care products are competitively priced, multiuse products that deliver results and are dermatologist formulated, tested, and approved.


242% Sales increased YTD
306% More Social Media Fans
37M Earned Media Audience


In order to build brand recognition and trust for Visha Skin Care Morris Marketing Group initially targeted the Memphis area, where Dr. Patel lives and operates three dermatology practices.  Building upon the expertise of a product created, tested, and approved by a dermatologist, once demand and sales increased in Memphis the target market focus grew to regional markets where demand is continually growing. Visha Skin Care will eventually be offered on a national level.

Locallebrity Campaign

Morris Marketing Group developed the locallebrity campaign to cost-effectively introduce Visha Skin Care to the market while growing true brand ambassadors.

Morris Marketing Group turned to Dr. Patel’s community finding 14 women and four men from all walks of life and occupations who are influencers within their own circles to be “real” models and brand ambassadors. The Visha Skin Care models loved the products and became the faces of Visha Skin Care creating an instant connection between Visha Skin Care and the target market in Memphis.

Visha Skin Care models not only appeared in print, television, and online advertisments, but the also used their own social media channels regularly to communicate the benefits of Visha Skin Care.


Morris Marketing Group developed brand standards for Visha Skin Care along with enhancing marketing and sales collateral and channels to include:

    • Brochures
    • Product Cards
    • Signage
    • E-commerce Web Site
    • Social Media Presence
    • Television Commercials
    • Product Videos
    • Public Relations Campaign
    • Trade Show Strategy, Plan, and Elements
    • Sales Efforts, Guidance, and Coaching
    • Sales Kit
    • Traditional Media Strategy and Buying, and Reconciliation
    • Online Search, Display, and Social Advertisements Strategy, Fulfillment, and Reconciliation

Results Within 9 months

Sales increased year over year to date 242%

Social Media Likes/Fans Increased 306% on average

Publicity Value $25,950

Earned Media Audience 37,231,691

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