Morris Marketing Group Launches New Appetizer for Corky’s BBQ


Corky’s BBQ, a Memphis barbecue institution for over 30 years added a new appetizer to their menu, Hickory-Smoked Drummies.

The Hickory-Smoked Drummies would be added to the menu just in time for the Super Bowl and Corky’s sought to garner earned media attention, social media attention, and grassroots community attention to bolster sales of the new appetizer launch.

The overall strategy was to communicate our messages of what makes Hickory-Smoked Drummies different and introducing a new Corky’s BBQ menu item through multiple channels including social media, in-store signage, Facebook and Instagram ads, and an appearance during a previously planned event.


486,965 People Reached Through PR
10% Social Media Increase
$2,000 Sold First Week of Launch


The first step in the execution of the plan started with copywriting and slogan creation where “March to the Beat of a Different Drummie” as the overall campaign message was decided upon to differentiate Hickory-Smoked Drummies from other chicken wing products.

We facilitated a food photoshoot of the Hickory-Smoked Drummies to visually communicate the difference and used those images to create a large banner beside the drive-thru menu, social media images, and email campaign images.

Through press releases, social media posts, and photography we were able to communicate this new product offering, how different the drummies were, and the unique process of cooking and flavoring the Hickory-Smoked Drummies that set the two Drummies apart along with the special pricing available for a limited time.

Having distributed an electronic press release to area media contacts we then hand-delivered the Hickory Smoked Drummies to radio DJs at Cumulus Radio, Entercom Radio, IHeartRadio, and Flinn Broadcasting along with hard copy press releases four days before the Super Bowl so they could get a taste and hopefully share their experience on-air and on their media and personal social media channels. We also secured a food column feature from Jennifer Biggs at the Commercial Appeal with the angle of the Hickory-Smoked Drummies being completely different.

For sales promotions, we created a carry-out promotion that let customers get a free order of Hickory-Smoked Drummies with a carry-out order of $50 or more and a Super Bowl special price promotion that allowed customers to purchase 25 Hickory-Smoked Drummies for $18.75, 50 Hickory-Smoked Drummies for $37.50, and 100 Hickory-Smoked Drummies for $75. We also created a Facebook Ad for this promotion that targeted men and women, ages 18-75+, in the Memphis DMA.

The new menu item was made known to the public at the Corky’s catering and Simply Delicious Caterings Spring Tasting Preview. A local drum squad marched and played at the FedEx Event Center while servers handed out Hickory-Smoked Drummies to an audience of over 1,000. The drum squad and servers proudly displayed “March to the Beat of a Different Drummie” signs.


  • Press Release
  • Media Drop Offs and Product Tasting
  • Personalized Media Pitches
  • Photography
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Print Media for In-store Audience



Results Within 1 Week

Over $2,000 in sales

Social Media Likes/Fans Increased 5% on average

104,682 Social Media Impressions

Publicity Value $1,700

Earned Media Audience 486,965

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