Shannon & Waterman Custom Wide Plank Floors Blog Strategy


Shannon & Waterman Custom Wide Plank Flooring company created a new website and wanted to include a section for blogs. The blog section of the website was included to help increase SEO for Shannon & Waterman as well as to provide an outlet for Shannon & Waterman to connect directly with their customers while providing helpful information about hardwood floors, Shannon & Waterman, the housing industry, and the interior design industry.


The plan was to create and publish one to two blogs per month that would interest the target audience defined from research as well as contain key words to help with search engine optimization.

Specific measurable objectives included writing and posting two blog posts per month to appeal to the target audience. The target audience for the blogs are wealthy, highly-educated Americans.

The overall strategy was to create helpful and informative articles relating to Shannon & Waterman that would interest the target audience. There was no budget associated with this ongoing project.

Each month two new blog topics were chosen that reflected the overall strategy and the blogs were written and posted at different times. The blogs were also shared on social media channels to help drive traffic to the website.


  • Compiled Interior Design Data
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Social Media Communication
  • Implemented SEO Strategy
  • Wrote Two Blogs Per Month
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